Saturday, November 29, 2014


Flowers-- By Val Hunter, She is by far the best florist around.
Salt Lake City Temple 12:20 p.m.

 We were greeted by loved ones ...& rain & snow & everything else.
My perfect husband, Ian William Soane
My Grandfather, Albert Watson
My sister*, Taryn Porter

Basically Family, Tanner Empey
The girl I would do anything for, Jennifer Roberts
Just a bunch of brothers
My best friend, Liesje Summers
Brooke Maurer has been my friend since the beginning
Most selfless cousin known to man, Mark Feilds

Two of Ian's best friend's, James Delorey & Fred Nelson

and sometimes your husband's best friends have wonderful wives that become your best friends, Holly Nelson, and Kathyn Delorey

Cam Soane, Lee Anne Soane, Peter Soane, Gillian Cox, and Devan Cox
The Soane Family
I absolutely adore my new brother and sister.

These are the people who made me "me" 
Thank you Mom, Carol Porter, and Ken Porter
Siblings *minus Elder Jaxon Porter
Taryn Porter, Madisen Ivison, Heather Cutler, Kiersten Porter, and Jayden Porter are the most beautiful girls on this planet, hands down
 Braedon Porter and Auston Ivison you make the world a better place, I'm so honored to call these two my brothers*
My mother, Kathy Wheatley has the sweetest and most selfless heart on this planet. She's beautiful inside and out. She will never know how much I appreciate everything she has done for me.
Beautiful People

Justin Green, Braedon Porter, Auston Ivison, Devan Cox,Cameron Soane, Ian Davidson, James Delorey, Tom Nord, and Fred Nelson -Thanks for keeping my beloved safe all these years.

I owe my happy childhood to you three. 

Liesje Winston, Brooke Maurer, Heather Cutler, Madisen Ivison, Annie Haddox, Emily Fox, Taryn Porter, Gillian Cox - You've always been there, thank you for never leaving my side


Eagle Mountain Golf Course 5:00 p.m.

$35 Cake from Maghelby's fresh, best decision ever.

 Invitations Made by Cameron Soane, he has way to much talent for one person
Val Hunter has such an eye for wedding decor

My mother made this beauty^^^

Maid of honor & best man
Wayne Wheatley, has my heart, I get emotional every time I think about my amazing father. I hope to be like him one day.
 Kelly Wheatley, Wayne Wheatley, Jay Norr, and Fae Norr

 Eva Jane
Fae Wheatley Norr
I just love this picture

Rikki Boxx, seriously amazing. 

I have the most amazing people in my life, including these two, Renee Bringhurst, and Auston IvisonCarol Porter, you are perfection
Love this photo, love this man, Grandpa Jay Norr
I give all credit to my beautiful reception to these heavenly souls, Thank you
Cherise Weber has adorable lil girlies
Holy crap, CUTIE
 Cake Cutting/eating!
Bouquet throwing is my favorite sport
The story is true, they really do get married next

She's beautiful

Bon Iver - "Michicant"
This lady has the biggest heart
The Lumineers - "Ho Hey"
These guys are the greatest
These guys are the sweetest thing in existence, Skyler & Megan Clark
Capital Cities - "Safe and Sound"
Cam Clark, I sorta owe him big time for having that birthday party where I met my perfect husband.
OutKast - "Hey Ya!"
The End

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